The AquaField metering system was tested on a designated Aramco asset

Hammertech, a subsidiary of Nordic Technology Group (NTG) and multiphase flow metering solutions provider, has had its AquaField system qualified by Saudi Aramco.

This follows a previous milestone in December last year when it was pre-qualified by Aramco after a rigorously evaluation by DNV GL.

The final technical phase for the AquaField multiphase metering system involved conducting field testing on a designated Aramco asset.

With both assessments yielding successful outcomes, Hammertech has been technically qualified and it has initiated the necessary administrative procedures to secure final approval from Aramco.

The rigorous evaluation process and subsequent technical qualification underscore AquaField’s reliability and effectiveness enabling digitalisation in large onshore operations.

Designed to provide accurate measurements in challenging environments, AquaField has proven its capability to meet the stringent requirements of leading industry players.

According to Kaare Lunde, CEO of Hammertech: "The achievement of being technically qualified for AquaField by Saudi Aramco represents a significant new milestone for Hammertech. We are proud of the acknowledgment of our technology’s reliability and performance by industry leaders like Saudi Aramco. This success further strengthens our position as a provider of innovative solutions enabling digitalisation of the oil and gas industry."

Hammertech’s products are used by operators in the oil and gas industry to optimise production, increase efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.