Pressures Vessels

Logan plans new PVHEX facility

The site of Logan's PVHEX facility

Logan Industries (Logan), a hydraulic repair, manufacturing and rental company, is constructing a new Pressure Vessel Heat Exchanger (PVHEX) facility at its Hempstead, Texas, site. The new state-of-the-art facility, which will be completed by Q4 2020, will enable Logan to manufacture, test, certify and stamp high-end alloy vessels.

The PVHEX facility will be custom designed and engineered to efficiently produce exotic metal pressure vessels, heat exchangers and scrubbers for the petrochemical, marine and ocean transport industries. The building will be serviced with several pairs of 40-ton bridge cranes, with specially engineered crane supports enabling lifts of up to 80 tonnes.

A reinforced foundation will support water testing of the largest vessels and a positive pressure workspace with its own closed-circuit ventilation system will control air-borne contaminants in the manufacture of exotic metal fabrications.

Logan’s sister company, Verolme, based in The Netherlands, is a long-time manufacturer of Pressure Vessel Heat Exchangers and will provide the knowledge and technology required to launch the facility.

Logan will initially service Verolme’s customers, where transit times from Europe to its US customers will be eliminated. Furthermore, the new facility makes it possible for additional high alloy ASME type products to be produced in the US.

An additional sister company, Schelde Exotech, also based in The Netherlands with Verolme, will also work hand-in-hand with Logan and Verolme. Together, the three companies will each be able to manufacture high-end, exotic alloy pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and scrubbers according to the companies’ various skill sets, experience and current work load.

Dean Carey, technical director, Logan Industries, said: “This PVHEX facility will be world class and represents a major milestone in the co-operation between Logan and our sister companies. The facility’s physical proximity to our current site in Hempstead is a huge advantage. When our customers come to see us, the location is already familiar to them. We can also shift our staff and resources as the workload dictates from one facility to the other without any logistical effort or delay. Once we develop our own footprint, the market for these PVHEX products will be worldwide.”

The PVHEX facility will offer more than 50,000 sq ft of covered workspace and will eventually employ approximately 15-20 new staff. --Tradearabia News Service