In a major announcement, QatarEnergy has mandated suppliers with revenues over QAR20 million ($5.5 million) to provide in-country value certificate if they want to participate in energy sector tenders.
The new rule will be enforced starting July 1, 2023 for suppliers with local commercial registration when ICV is applicable, the company said in a statement.
QatarEnergy leads the supply chain localisation programme called Tawteen for the energy sector in Qatar,
However, companies that have been established for less than two years have been expected from the mandatory ICV requirement.
In addition, the statement said Tawteen will support certified suppliers with revenue less than QAR 20 million in the form of providing up to three-year scorecard extension, renewed on an annual basis on the portal through the supplier’s scorecard page with no additional cost.
Tawteen will also will appoint 12 new ICV certifiers this month. --OGN