BiSN, the global provider of innovative Wel-lok sealing solutions, has achieved a significant milestone by reaching 400 commercial deployments of its ground-breaking Wel-lok technology.
BiSN’s patented technology is revolutionising the oil and gas industry by enabling bismuth-based seals that are more reliable, durable, and cost-effective than traditional sealing methods.
Global Demand for Wel-lok Technology Rising Significantly Only 13 months ago, BiSN reached its previous milestone of 300 commercial deployments.
The demand among operators for Wel-lok technology, for both plug and abandonment and well intervention, has risen exponentially over the past three years. With 2022 being the busiest commercial year for BiSN, Q1 of 2023 has already been record setting.
In addition to the 400 deployments, BiSN has now deployed into major areas such as North America, UK and Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Specifically, BiSN has run commercial deployments in 17 countries, the most recent in Mozambique. This year, BiSN plans to continue its global reach while continuing to foster productive and collaborative relations with global operators. 
“We are thrilled to have achieved this important milestone of 400 commercial deployments. It is a testament to the value and effectiveness of Wel-lok technology and could not be achieved without the commitment of the full BiSN team,” said Paul Carragher, CEO and Founder of BiSN. “As demand continues to rise across all active regions, BiSN is expanding to meet that demand by opening facilities now in Australia and Brazil.” --OGN