Sarens to transports green hydrogen Plant to Neom

Sarens, world leader in crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport, with its technical and engineering capabilities, coupled by a vast international track record, collaborated with Deugro and Air Products in transportation projects for the world's largest green hydrogen plant at Oxagon City, in Neom,  Saudi Arabia.
This plant is already becoming a reality, with construction well underway on the ground and full production due to start by the end of 2026.
Powered solely by renewable electricity, the plant will produce up to 600 tonnes of green hydrogen per day, which will be used to decarbonise industries and sectors such as transport and heavy industry. This could save the planet from up to 5 million Tonnes of CO2 annually.
During the first stage, Sarens had to work on the route preparation, including bridge bypasses, construction, and civil work. All the handling with the authorities' requirements, along with coordination with various parties to secure the required permits, were carried out by Sarens.
After that, Sarens was ready to load in, transport, and install bullets from Neom Port to the site, 15 km away. Each bullet weighed in at 1000 tonnes, with an average size of 100 m (length) by 8,5 m (diameter).
Moreover, Sarens received and transported the cold boxes and the ammonia converter. During these 12 months of work, challenges included limited access to facilities, remote location in the desert with adverse weather conditions such as heavy winds, rising sand, fog, and intense heat.
Neom Green HydrogenCompany (NGHC) is a Saudi Arabian project with a global impact. Green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water using only renewable energy sources and is captured as green ammonia to be exported globally.
The project is a key part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the world’s efforts to tackle climate change, transitioning to carbon-free fuel and a carbon-free future world.
Hydrogen is the lightest gas and most abundant element in the world, as it is estimated to account for 75 per cent of the universe’s mass and 90 per cent of all atoms.
NGHC’s location at Oxagon, in NEOM, is the ideal spot for the facility thanks to the abundant natural resources and strategic location for global shipping.
Sarens’s support as a partner has allowed NGHC to start project planning at an early stage, which has been critical to the success and has enabled significant progress on the ground.
Sarens benefits from proximity to the Port of Neom City, which will be an important part of the supply chain network for importing required components and transporting them during construction and maintenance.
Nour Jamal, Project Manager, comments: “This project is unique in its nature. This is considered the heaviest and most difficult load in the history of Neom Port due to the challenges faced starting from preparation and mobilisation phase, coordination with various stakeholders granting approvals on time. The situation in the Red Sea affected the mobilisation of Sarens equipment from Belgium to Saudi Arabia and we were forced to receive the equipment at Dammam port at the eastern side of KSA and mobilise via road to Neom at the far west side of KSA.
"The engineering challenges of adapting the roads and navigating obstacles were met with innovative solutions and the dedication of our operation staff, resulting in the successful delivery of equipment.” --OGN/TradeArabia News Service