Italy-based multinational oil and gas major Eni said that the production from Egypt’s Zohr field has now reached more than 2.7 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd), about five months ahead of the Plan of Development (PoD).

This remarkable result has been achieved following the completion of all eight onshore treatment production units – the last one commissioned in April 2019 – and all Sulphur production units in August, the production start-up of two wells in the southern culmination of the field (in addition to the ten wells already drilled in the northern culmination) as well as the start-up on August 18th 2019 of the second 216 km long 30-inch pipeline connecting the offshore subsea production facilities to the onshore treatment plant.

The new pipeline, in conjunction with the completion and optimisation of the plant treatment capacity, paves the way to increase, by the year end, the field potential production rate.