Name of Client : Adnoc Onshore

Estimated Budget : $200,000,000

Contract Value : $187,000,000

Facility Type : Development Drilling & Production

Sector : Exploration & Upstream Production

Main Contractor : Robt Stone (ME)

Location : Thamama

Award Date : 2021-Q3

Status : Construction


Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) has plans to ramp up oil production capacity by an additional 15,000 bpd by 2030 at the Al Dabbiya Field. The second development of the field is primarily focused on Al Dabbiya Transition Zone B. The location is now called Al Nouf.

Project Scope

The project's scope of work includes the construction of 19 wells, 11 oil producers and 8 injectors (for 2 new clusters and 3 existing clusters); debottlenecking the existing water injection system; technical room; power supply skid (ETR, ITR, PSS) associated facilities; 13 km of oil producer pipeline, and 10 km of water injection pipeline.

Project Status

As of October 2022, construction activities have commenced and are expected to be completed by 2023.

Project Finance

Adnoc Onshore is the project client.

Project Schedules

Project Announced: 1Q-2020

EPC ITB: 3Q-2020

EP: 3Q-2021

PMC: 4Q-2021

Construction: 3Q-2022

Completion: 4Q-2023