The 993X is a versatile gas analyser

Analytical gas measurements in the SRU help to ensure reliable, efficient, and safe operations and help users to manage the SRU process more effectively.

AMETEK Process Instruments has been designing industry-standard SRU analysers for decades. With solutions specially developed for every part of the sulfur removal process, from SRU feed gas to the measurement of stack emissions, these analysers ensure safe operation and high efficiency while minimising harmful emissions.

Sulfur recovery units (SRUs) are a long-proven solution to remove elemental sulfur from hydrogen sulfide (H2S) rich acid gas streams in hydrocarbon processing, refining, and steel production plants.

Designed to use the industry-standard Claus process, modern SRUs typically recover more than 90 per cent of elemental sulfur, preventing significant amounts of H2S and sulfur dioxide (SO2) from being released into the environment.

With increasing global regulations, anything less than 99 per cent recovery is, frequently, no longer acceptable.

Various plant designs and additions have been developed to achieve sulfur recovery rates of 99.8 per cent, or even 99.9 per cent.

Among these developments are tail gas treatment units (TGTUs), which are designed to receive the gas output from the Claus unit, referred to as the tail gas.

The TGTU processes this gas to further capture – and thus reduce – sulfur compounds that will be released from the plant.

Compared to the feed gas at the start of the Claus unit, a typical tail gas stream will contain much lower levels – typically less than 5 per cent – of sulfur compounds at the TGTU inlet, and these will ultimately be lowered to parts-per-million levels at the emissions stack outlet.

However, analysis of the process gas streams located throughout the SRU can be challenging and often takes place in hazardous conditions.

Designed for SRUs, the 993X photometric gas analysers contain the measurement technologies and sample handling components required to measure the H2S and H2 concentrations in the TGTU scrubber inlet and outlet.

Focused on reliability, longevity, and accuracy, the innovative 993X has a robust design, it is IP66 rated, is easy to operate, and is designed to measure gas species using ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopy.

993X is a versatile gas analyser, capable of continuously measuring up to seven components and utilising multiple measurement technologies without consumables.

Key benefits include:
• Parts per million (PPM) to percent ( per cent) level ranges.
• Integrated sample system.
• Continuous measurement.
• No consumables or reagents needed.
• Additional measurement technologies supported.
• Local touchscreen display, with a web browser interface for remote access.

UV measurements of H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, NOx, COS, CS2, and NH3 utilise AMETEK optical bench configurations that have been proven in challenging applications.

Drift and noise are minimised through the use of highly focused emission lines and temperature-controlled optical bench, that provide stability when ambient temperatures fluctuate.

With extensive experience in the sulfur recovery process, AMETEK Process Instruments provides high-quality analytical solutions across the SRU, delivering the measurements needed to ensure efficient sulfur recovery operations.
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