The 15th GPCA Supply Chain Conference, scheduled to take place from May 15-16, at the Address Sky View Hotel in Dubai, UAE, will unveil innovative strategies that revolutionise the chemical supply chain industry.

Under the theme 'Harnessing Connectivity for a Sustainable Tomorrow,' this two-day event will gather over 400 global and regional leaders and industry professionals for compelling discussions on agility, resilience, sustainability, and innovation in operations.

The conference will explore key session topics, including future-proofing for growth, resilience, and innovation in supply chain dynamics, navigating the complex geopolitical landscape, forging a path forward in sustainability, implementing circular economy logistics, driving global decarbonisation through shipping, and harnessing the value of rail transport in supply chains.

In addition, the conference will host the 5th edition of the GPCA Supply Chain Excellence Awards, a highly respected event that recognises and celebrates outstanding achievements in the chemical supply chain and logistics industry within the GCC region.

The awards serve as a platform to honor organisations and individuals who have made significant contributions through innovative strategies, sustainable practices, and exceptional achievements.

The conference promises to be a dynamic gathering, where industry pioneers and experts will shape the future of supply chain management through transformative ideas.

Khalid Sultan Al-Kuwari, CEO, Q-Chem and Chairman, Supply Chain Committee, GPCA, said: "Business leaders in 2024 are faced with multiple disruptions. As the impact from supply shortages, rising geopolitical conflicts, ongoing economic volatility and climate change continues to be felt across the board, supply chain leaders are increasingly being required to mitigate new and emerging risks, while navigating uncertainty in an agile and resilient manner. The fragmented nature of logistics operations, make chemical supply chains more complex compared to other manufacturing industries. This fragile environment demands a unified and cohesive strategy. One that leverages sustainability, technology, collaboration, and innovation to usher in a new era of smart, efficient and resilient chemical supply chains."