The FOAMGLAS sealed system

Corrosion and corrosion under insulation (CUI) are multi-billion-dollar problems that affects the oil and gas industry worldwide.

Owens Corning provides innovative products and solutions that deliver a material difference to its customers to support effective CUI mitigation strategies to reduce risks associated with corrosion-related issues.

Moisture can never be completely removed from the equation in a petrochemical pipe situation, so a recommended strategy is to look for materials and systems that resist moisture and can be fully sealed against moisture encroachment.

Many engineers specify cellular glass insulation as an effective option to help protect against CUI. Composed of materials like sand, soda ash and limestone, FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is formed when those materials are heated to extremely high temperatures.

The resulting chemical reaction creates millions of hermetically sealed glass cells that are impervious to moisture–both liquid water and water vapour.


When FOAMGLAS cellular glass insulation is paired with compatible system accessories, such as high-performance sealants, it becomes an even more robust option to help mitigate CUI.

The FOAMGLAS sled system uses the impermeability of FOAMGLAS insulation in combination with Owens Corning’s patented joint sealant to keep moisture out of the

The neutral-curing joint sealant has been specially developed for use with FOAMGLAS insulation systems, it does not contribute to corrosion and allows you to provide compartmentalization in your insulation system to limit the spread of corrosion.

A recent study conducted by industrial forensics analytics firm RJ Lee Group evaluated the performance of the FOAMGLAS Sealed System for pipes.

The study used a modified ASTM B117 procedure and Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus 2 in order to replicate typical environmental conditions for many petrochemical operations.

The insulated and sealed pipe was exposed to a 5% salt solution in rain or rain/fog conditions for 28 days and then examined for rust under the insulation layer.2 At the conclusion of the study, the pipe protected by the FOAMGLAS Sealed System showed no visible signs of rust.