Name of Client : Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

Estimated Budget : $1,650,000,000

Facility Type : Gas Gathering Centre

Sector : Gas

Status : Construction

Location : Northern Kuwait

FEED : Wood

Main Contractor : Petrofac

Award Date : Q1-2017


Kuwait's oil fields are currently connected to 26 gathering centers, which serve as a collection location for crude produced at several wells connected by flow lines, providing initial treatment through the separation of associated gas and removing salt. The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is on track to creating Gathering Centre 32. The project will be built near Kuwait's giant Burgan oil field and will process crude oil and associated gas produced from the Arifjan, Marat, Minagish, Oolite and Burgan Wara fields.

Project Status

As of January 2021, KOC has begun conducting readiness meetings in preparation for commissioning which is set for Q1 2021.

Project Scope

The project scope includes crude oil production (120,000 bpd), crude oil desalting (120,000 bpd), condensate production (12,500 bpd), effluent water (280,000 bpd), gas production (83 million cu ft a day), high pressure and low pressure separators, water treatment via hydrocyclones and induced gas flotation, oil/water gravity separation and storage, gas compression (TV/LP/HP), gas dehydration and conditioning (HC dewpointing), condensate dehydration and decolouring, crude product storage tanks, export oil pig launcher/receivers, export gas/condensate (export and return) pig launcher/receivers (at GC-32 and BS-171a ISC), off-spec condensate storage, closed hydrocarbon drain, LP and HP flare systems, nitrogen generation, storage and distribution, chemical injection packages: Demulsifier (DE) and reverse demulsifier; Antifoam (AF); Corrosion inhibitor (CI) and scale inhibitor (SI); Oxygen scavenger (OS); Biocide; and pH improver, drainage systems, glycol bulk storage; substations for main plant, etc.

Project Finance

KOC is the project client.

Project Schedules

Feasibility Study: 1Q-2014

FEED: 4Q-2014

EPC ITB: 1Q-2016

E&P: 1Q-2017

Construction: 2Q-2018

Completion: 2Q-2021