Name of Client : Saudi Aramco

Estimated Budget : $1,700,000,000

Facility Type : Storage Tanks

Sector : Gas

Status : Construction

Location : Hawiyah

FEED : Worley

Main Contractor : Samsung Engineering Company

Award Date : Q1-2020


The purpose of the proposed Hawiyah Unayzah Gas Reservoir Storage Project is to provide the necessary facilities to store off-peak surplus sales gas via injection into the Hawiyah Unayzah reservoir during the low-demand season for reproduction back into the Master Gas System (MGS) during high demand, thereby maximising the gas plants’ utilisation. The project will enable Aramco to inject 1.5 billion standard cubic feet per day (bscfd) of surplus natural gas from the MGS into the Hawiyah Unayzah Reservoir by 2022. In addition, the processing facilities will be able to reproduce up to 2 bscfd of gas stored for reintroduction into the MGS by 2024.

Project Status

As of May 2021, Mammoet has been awarded a transport and installation contract by Samsung Engineering on the project to transport more than 60 components to the project site for installation.

Project Scope

The first-of-its-kind gas storage project for Saudi Aramco includes a design compression facility with an injection capacity of 1,500 million standard cu ft per day (MMSCFD) and a design reproduction facility for reproducing 2,000 MMSCFD of gas during peak consumption to produce sales quality gas; booster compressors; injection compressors; reproduction compressors; API pumps and their drivers; 380-kV and 230-kV substations; 752.5-MVA power transformers and other equipment; 10 compression trains for the injection portion and 10 for the reproduction portion of the plant.

Project Finance

Saudi Aramco is the client of the project.

Project Schedules

Project Announced : 1Q-2019

FEED : 1Q-2019

EPC ITB : 3Q-2019

EP : 1Q-2020

Construction : 2Q-2020

Completion : 4Q-2023