Name of Client : Aramco

Estimated Budget : $130,000,000

Facility Type : Welded, Oil

Sector : Oil; Pipeline

Status : Construction

Location : Marjan

Main Contractor : Sinopec Corporation

Award Date : Q3-2019


The interlinked packages will form a pipeline infrastructure network being built as part of the Marjan Increment Program.

The three packages will see the installation of pipelines from the main gas oil separation plant (GOSP) at Tanajib to the Jubail, Ras Tanura and Tanajib concession areas. Aramco plans to develop its gas-driven fields such as Marjan offshore field.

Marjan oil field delivers a high volume of associated gas and the new oil capacity will replace in time declines in oil capacity from other fields elsewhere. Marjan is estimated to have the capacity to produce about 500,000 bpd of crude based on existing production facilities.

Aramco's extensive operations, both offshore and onshore are expected to maintain production on the mature gulf fields over the next decade as hundreds of new wells will be required to be drilled to support other operations in nearby oil fields.

Project Status

As of July 2021, the main pipeline welding for Package 16 has commenced.

Project Scope

The scope of the project includes TNTNGG 1, 24-in pipeline over 28-km for associate gas from Tanajib GOSP to Tanajib Gas Plant (TGP); SBTNCL 1, 15-km, 12-in (condensate) from SBCL-2 at 22 km of SK-1 to TGP; SJTNGT 1, 15-km, 24-in (Safaniya/Zuluf Feed Gas Slipover) from SJGt-1 at 22 km of SK-1 to TGPlant; ECT 1 Trunkline, 3-km, 26-in (crude) from Beach Valve Station (BVS) to Tanajib GOSP; RGP 1 Trunkline, 30-km, 36-in (gas) from BVS to Tanajib Gas Plant; RGP 2 Trunk Line, 30-km, 36-in (gas) km from BVS to TGPl; MEG 1 Trunk Line, 30-km, 6-in (MEG gas) km from TGP to BVS; LGT 1 Trunk Line, 30-km, 26-in (lean gas) km from TGP to BVS; LGT 2 Trunk Line, 30-km, 18-in (lean gas) km from TGP to BVS.

Project Finance

Aramco is the client on the project.

Project Schedules

Project Start: 3Q-2018

EPC ITB: 1Q-2019

EP: 3Q-2019

Construction: 3Q-2021

Completion: 4Q-2022