Name of Client : Enerflex

Estimated Budget : $200,000,000

Facility Type : Oilfield development

Sector : Oil

Status : Construction

Location : Al Wusta

PMC : Enerflex

Main Contractor : Special Technical Services (STS), AIN Engineering Services

Award Date : Q1-2018


Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) plans for early development facility at the newly discovered field, Sadad North, in northen Al Wusta Governorate. PDO made the oil discovery at Sadad North in 2015 that resulted in 44.5 million barresl of commercial contingent reserves.

Project Status

As of September 2020, ELCO International Engineering Company (ELCO) had announced the completion of manufacturing condensate stabilisation skid. Enerflex has overseen the design and mechanical fabrication.

Project Scope

The scope of work includes inlet separation, test separation, gas turbines, fuel gas unit, condensate stabilisation facility, flare system, hot oil system, oil tank, instrument air package, closed drain system, interconnecting piping, and permanent accommodation setup with associated utilities for the plant and camp site.

Project Finance

The field facilities will be owned by Enerflex, which won the BDOOM contract in January 2020.awarded the BDOOM contract.

Project Schedules

Project Announced 2Q-2017

EP 1Q-2019

Construction 3Q-2019

Commissioning 2Q-2021

Completion 2Q-2021