Advario, a leading global player in the storage industry, aims to double its business by the end of the decade. It currently has a global network of 13 strategically located terminals, in China, Europe, Middle East, Singapore and the US.

The company is committed to taking on a frontrunner role, together with its partners, in the energy transition by ensuring safe and reliable storage infrastructure for sustainable liquids.

It believes the storage industry has a key role to play to progress the energy transition and it partners with other players along the value chain to ensure undisrupted, secure access to low carbon energy everywhere in the world.

According to Bas Verkooijen, Advario CEO says: 'We are convinced that only through highly ambitious ESG standards we will achieve ‘better business’ for our partners, society and ourselves. For me this means that besides ambitiously growing our business, an equally important priority will be to operate our business with the highest care for our people, the communities we work in and the environment we live in.'

Advario recognises that the required systemic change of the energy sector is complex and can only be achieved through close collaboration by all players in the industry.

By combining capabilities, sharing risks and pursuing opportunities together, Advario places true, transformational partnerships at the forefront of its business strategy.

Last month, Advario launched its new company name and brand. It also announced to commit to achieving net-zero operations by 2040, latest.

According to Verkooijen: 'The tank storage industry has a key role to play in enabling the energy transition as well as supply security. We are making a bold step forward by launching – Advario – our new company that will be focused on growth in petrochemicals, gases and new energies and puts sustainability at the heart of what we do.'

Advario’s strategy is focused on growing its business across three segments: chemicals, gas and increasingly, new energies. It has a team of 1,200 storage experts, strategic global network and a long legacy in the industry.