Satellite mapping by CGG

CGG Earth Data, a global technology company that provides solutions in earth science, has added TotalEnergies to a growing list of clients for its new GeoVerse Carbon Storage database and screening studies.

These studies provide an accurate, unique, and independent assessment of carbon storage opportunities coupled with a desktop-ready database required for informed and rapid decision making.

GeoVerse Carbon Storage studies are built by incorporating knowledge from CGG subject matter experts with key technological advancements in data science, high-performance computing (HPC), and machine learning (ML) workflows.

According to Dechun Lin, EVP, Earth Data, CGG, said: "We are delighted to receive such an early and significant endorsement of our new expert-driven, data-rich screening studies that leverage our data integration capabilities, technology and geoscience expertise to address energy transition challenges in the areas of geothermal resources, critical minerals and carbon storage."

He says: "CGG is well positioned to uniquely support the evaluation of carbon and energy storage and we are demonstrating our commitment to delivering valuable energy transition decision support tools with this exciting expansion of our product range."