Petchem plants need upgrading to ensure maximum performance

Rising demand for plastics and resins has boosted ethylene and propylene manufacturing, leading the North American petrochemical sector to its highest revenue since 2018, at nearly $80 billion, and predictably closing the year with 30 per cent growth.

This impulse also comes at a time of maximum demand, in which companies in the sector are forced to explore new ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced during the manufacture of their derivatives as a way to reach net-zero by 2050, an effort that, according to BloombergNEF, could require an investment of $759 billion worldwide for plants renovation.

In this context, Sarens, a key global player in the development of petrochemical projects, calls for the importance of renovating and upgrading petrochemical plants to ensure their maximum performance.

Sarens recently carried out a refurbishment project in Texas alongside with optimised process designs (OPD) for the erection of three towers and 5 power distribution centres (PDCs).