Saudi-based industrial services leader Anabeeb has tailored the company’s strategy in such a way that it is in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

“We make an effective contribution to Vision 2030 first by boosting the employment of Saudi nationals in all departments and across all levels. Also we started actively looking for potential ventures with international companies interested in having a local presence for manufacturing and trade in the kingdom. Further, we depend on the local Saudi suppliers for our tools and services by giving them priority over other international providers,” says Mouhamed Abou Daher, Head of Talents Management, Anabeeb.

The company’s short-term goals as part of the Vision strategy include employing Saudi nationals in vacant positions across all departments; diversifying the streams in sourcing Saudi talent: agreements with HRDF, TAQAT, and other head hunting firms; providing training and development packages to Saudi employees to move up the ladder and be promoted to handle higher roles as part of succession planning; and qualifying more Saudi registered companies on the company’s approved vendor list to supply tools and services for Anabeeb.

The long-term goals include signing a long-term agreement with NITI (Aramco Training Centre) to train 120 fresh Saudi graduates for a two-year period to be certified technicians in various disciplines serving Anabeeb’s projects; identifying some essential job functions for Saudi nationals who will replace some expatriates within a reasonable transition period; and starting manufacturing and assembly activities in Anabeeb’s factory in collaboration with the company’s international partners.

“To achieve these goals we have cascaded down these objectives to action plans with pre-defined time frames, these action plans are distributed to department heads in Anabeeb to be essential parts of their KPIs where the planned progress is reviewed with monthly dashboard reports,” he says.