Name of Client : Saudi Aramco

Estimated Budget : $150,000,000

Facility Type : Oil

Sector : Oil Pipeline

Status : Construction

Location : Southern Region

FEED : Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR)

Main Contractor : SICIM

Award Date : Q4-2019


Saudi Aramco is planning to develop a 16-inch-thick pipeline, covering a distance of about 92 km from the Jizan refinery to Abha, on the Red Sea coast. The pipeline will transport refined products such as gasoline and jet fuel.

Project Status

As of November 2020, construction of the project is underway. SICIM is also responsible for manufacturing the project’s welded pipes using specialised equipment.

Project Scope

The new pipeline will be FBE coated and buried. It will include new 14 inches (10.1 km) and 14 inches (1.6 km) upgrade sections of the existing JAPL 1 pipeline. The scope of works also includes a new scraper launcher along with handling facilities for JAPL 1 and 2; three new MLV stations with isolation valve and bypass piping JAPL 2 at 16 km, 37 km and 60 km outside MOT corridor; hot tap and stoppling with temporary for the tie-ins of the 14-inch pipeline upgrade sections with the existing 14-inch JAPL 1 pipeline; decruding prior to abandonment of 154 km from Jazan City Bulk; Plant to BS 1 — 10.1 km downstream of BS 1 and 1.6 km downstream of BS 2; demolition works at JAPL 1 route (BS 1 and 2); relocation works at BS 1 and 2; and residential building (equipped and furnished) at BS 1 and 2.

Project Finance

Saudi Aramco is the project client.

Project Schedules

Project Announced: 2Q-2019

FEED: 1Q-2019

EPC ITB: 2Q-2019

E&P: 4Q-2019

Construction: 1Q-2020

Completion: 1Q-2022