Cognite will collaborate with world-leading energy company Equinor to expand the latter’s data capabilities and support its company’s digital ambitions.

Using Cognite’s industrial DataOps technology, Cognite Data Fusion, as a module in Equinor’s Omnia data architecture, built on the Microsoft Azure cloud, a joint Equinor and Cognite team will develop and explore tools and solutions.

These efforts include developing data-driven insights within marketing and supply and other business areas across Equinor’s global footprint and asset portfolio.

Equinor’s ambition is to develop an advanced analytical ecosystem with highly accessible data and insights generation through enhanced digital capabilities.

Both companies, in collaboration with Microsoft, will build solutions to liberate and contextualise data, creating a competitive edge in highly complex and dynamic global markets.

The partnership will focus on building a future-proof data architecture, new ways of working, and accelerating data extraction and contextualisation.

"Leveraging Cognite and Microsoft technology and competence, working closely with our own teams, will help drive our ambition to take a leading role in the digital step-up happening in global commodity markets," says Ann-Elisabeth Serck-Hanssen, SVP Marketing & Supply in Equinor.

"Liberation, integration, and contextualisation of data will be a key accelerator and a critical differentiator in the markets of the future, and Equinor’s ambition is to become a leader in the way we manage and derive insights from data," says Torbjorn Folgero, SVP Enterprise Digital in Equinor.

With contextualised data, Equinor can develop accessible data models and analytics, empowering employees to develop competitive insights and stress-test hypotheses on a continuous basis.

"Data liberation and DataOps in commercial operations will be a key differentiator for Equinor in the global energy markets, and a critical enabler for next-generation decision support, quality, resilience, and competitiveness," says Dr John Markus Lervik CEO and co-founder of Cognite.

"Partnering with Equinor to help support their digital ambitions is not only a great opportunity to demonstrate the power of contextualized data, but also to show the value of close cross-functional teamwork."