Name of Client : Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco)

Estimated Budget : $500,000,000

Revised Budget : $750,000,000

Contract Value : $750,000,000

Facility Type : Gas Pipeline

Sector : Gas and Pipeline

Main Contractor : Saipem

Location : Al Jafurah, Saudi Arabia

Award Date : 2021-Q4

Status : Construction


Package 4 of the Jafurah gas field is the development of the HZEM-1 and HMYM-3 Blocks pipeline and well tie-ins. The Jafurah gas terminal will process up to 1.1 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of unconventional (shale) raw gas from nearby areas, producing sales gas, ethane, natural gas liquids and condensate. The Jafurah gas plant is expected to be a key element of Aramco's long- term strategy to boost its unconventional gas production to 3 Bcf/d during the next decade.

Project Status

As of April 2024, Arabian Gulf Engineering & Project Management Company (AGE pmc) will be providing the following pipeline works: 280 km RTR pipeline, 99 km RTR pipeline, and 99 km FOC cable. The company is expected to complete its work on November 2024.

Project Scope

The main scope of the package is the development of HZEM-1 and HMYM-3 Blocks for the pipeline and well tie-ins. It also includes 8 wellpads/32 wells, laying of 8-inch, 60-km flowline, installation of remote headers (East and West), laying of trunklines from remote headers to gas compression plant, laying of transmission lines from gas compression plant to Jafurah gas plant, electrical and instrumentation work, 835 km of pipeline, and water transport system associated with the separation of the treated gas.

Project Finance

Saudi Aramco is the project client.

Project Schedules

Project Announced: 1Q-2020

FEED: 1Q-2020

EPC ITB: 1Q-2020

On Hold: 4Q-2020

EPC ITB: 3Q-2021

EP: 4Q-2021

Construction: 3Q-2022

Completion: 4Q-2024