Oman's Block 61

BP Oman has announced the successful completion of the first well stimulation on Block 61 by Abraj Energy Services, marking a significant milestone in its relationship with the Omani well services contractor. 
The well, located in the Ghazeer field, also represents one of the largest stimulations completed by Abraj, an ONA report said.
BP Oman President Yousuf al-Ojaili commented: “We’re delighted to reach this important milestone with Abraj. This is the first time the company has worked with us on a well stimulation. It’s great to see what can be achieved when working collaboratively and with a commitment to in-country value.”
He added that Abraj was initially awarded 30% of the stimulation scope for Block 61, with the opportunity to potentially increase this based on performance.
The gas in Block 61’s Khazzan and Ghazeer reservoirs is known to be ‘tight’. This means that the hydrocarbon – gas and condensate - is tightly held within the reservoir formations and will not flow naturally to economic rates without stimulation. To do this, fluids and proppant are pumped into the formation at high pressures and rates which open the reservoir’s rock – creating a ‘super-highway’ which allows the hydrocarbons to flow.
The well was stimulated late November and started to flow shortly thereafter with productivity better than expected.
BP Oman has worked to increase its well construction spend with Omani companies. This has significantly increased with the Abraj contract and is set to grow further in 2021 with the recent award of a highly challenging well test contract to local company FOS.-- Tradearabia News Service