Global coatings manufacturer Hempel has launch its new sustainability framework, Futureproof, which follows the recent announcement that Hempel has an ambition to double its revenue by 2025. 
Futureproof is Hempel’s framework for delivering on their strategic goal of sustainability leadership. “Our purpose is to shape a brighter future with sustainable coating solutions. That’s what drives us every day. Futureproof is about turning ambition into action and staying one step ahead,” says COO and Executive Vice President Katarina Lindström. 
“We firmly believe that placing sustainability at the heart of how we do business is essential for our ambition to double the company. Our customers expect more sustainable solutions and today's and tomorrow's employees want to work for companies that have a clear and progressive position on sustainability. And of course, it's the right thing to do,” she says. 
“Our ambition to double by 2025 makes our commitment to sustainability even more important,” she says. “We want to break the link between growth and our environmental footprint. Meaning, we will double in size but our environmental footprint will not.” 
A key focus area is climate. On climate action Hempel is taking some crucial steps. The company will be carbon neutral in its own operations by 2025 and has made a commitment to set science-based targets in their value chain in accordance with the 1.5 deg C pathway. Only 300 companies worldwide have committed to this. 
“It's a game changer for us. It will have a big impact on how we operate our business: how we run our factories, how we select our suppliers, how we produce our products,” says Lindström. 
Emission reduction is also an essential part of Hempel’s value proposition to customers. The goal is to reduce customer CO2 emissions with at least 30 million tonnes by 2025. “We already have solutions that enable fuel savings and keep buildings cooler. In the future, we want to have even more products and services that give customers tangible and measurable sustainability benefits,” says Lindström. The plan is to make sustainability a key driver for Hempel’s product development and innovation, for example, by establishing technology research programs and harnessing Hempel’s new innovation incubator, GrowHub.
The sustainability ambitions also cover social aspects, such as inclusion and diversity. 
“At Hempel, we want our employees to feel they are respected and treated fairly and that everybody brings their whole self to work. Diverse teams create better ideas, and companies that succeed in bringing diverse teams together have higher earnings. Inclusion and diversity is the key to how we innovate and evolve as a company,” says Pernille Fritz Vilhelmsen, Executive Vice President and Chief People and Culture Officer. 
Many of the greatest sustainability challenges, such as climate change, require breakthrough innovation and challenging traditional practices. “We welcome partnerships with both customers and suppliers and are also looking for opportunities to strengthen our sustainability innovation muscle through joint ventures and M&As,” says Lindström. 
“We are embarking on a journey. Wiring sustainability into our business does not happen overnight. We will have to run both fast and far and we are committed to making it happen,” she concludes. –Tradearabia News Service