Endress+Hauser’s 2021 Innovators’ Meeting

Hundreds of new patents were filed at Endress+Hauser’s 21st Innovators’ Meeting, where more than more than 500 inventors gathered virtually.
Since last year’s anniversary event had to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, two innovator cohorts were invited this year to honour the creativity and inventive spirit of the group of companies.
Endress+Hauser filed 276 new developments for patent for the first time in 2020, 42 less than the previous year, taking the number of patents granted worldwide to a new high of 738. This was 61 more than in 2019.
The intellectual property portfolio is also more extensive than ever. More than 8,900 patents and patent applications protect the intellectual property behind Endress+Hauser’s products, solutions and services.
Commenting on the event, Angelika Andres, Corporate Director of Intellectual Property Rights and head of the Group’s intellectual property division, said: “The fact that all this was achieved during the coronavirus pandemic, despite particular strain and additional tasks, is a huge achievement.” 
Department head Dr Christine Koslowski added: “There was tinkering and testing with and without masks, while working from home and in the workshop, with team spirit and digital tools.”
CEO Matthias Altendorf emphasized: “Innovations drive Endress+Hauser’s growth. If nothing else, digital tools helped bridge the physical distance during the pandemic. But people need other people.”
he said virtual exchange cannot replace face-to-face encounters in the long run; relationships and trust are only built through direct contact. That’s why the CEO is convinced that “cooperation, collaboration and creativity need physical proximity”.
For 20 years, Endress+Hauser has been promoting the protection of intellectual property with its Patent Rights Incentive Program. In this context, the annual Innovators’ Meeting offers the global Group’s inventors a platform for meeting and exchanging ideas.
Economically significant patents and particularly creative inventors are awarded prizes. Around 50 employees stood virtually on the winners’ podium for this event.
“At its heart, innovation is always about customer benefit,” explained Chief Operating Officer
Dr Andreas Mayr.
This benefit can be created by new products and technologies, but also by smoother cooperation or accelerated development projects. For this reason, Endress+Hauser has also been presenting awards for the improvement of processes and the reuse of previously developed solutions for a number of years. Dozens of employees were honored for this at the 2021 Innovators’ Meeting. –Tradearabia News Service