StrataStar improves real-time reserves evaluation

Halliburton Company has introduced StrataStar, a deep azimuthal resistivity service that provides multilayer visualisation to maximise well contact with the reservoir and improve real-time reserves evaluation.

The StrataStar service is the latest addition to Halliburton’s iStar intelligent drilling and logging platform, which combines deep subsurface insights with artificial intelligence for improved drilling performance and consistent well delivery.

For more decisive well placement, the StrataStar service acquires real-time measurement and visualisation of surrounding geology and fluids up to 30 feet around the wellbore.

It applies a sophisticated algorithm to accurately map the position, thickness, and resistivity of interbedded rock and fluid layers to stay within targeted boundaries.

"Beyond its superior depth of investigation, StrataStar is different from other azimuthal resistivity technologies due to its ability to deliver a high-fidelity picture of the reservoir along with a comprehensive understanding of resistivity, including anisotropy," says Halliburton Vice President of Sperry Drilling Jim Collins.

"This means faster, more accurate reservoir characterisation to precisely place wells in the most productive zones to maximise asset value."

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