Name of Client : Saudi Aramco

Estimated Budget : $1,200,000,000

Facility Type : Gas Processing

Sector : Gas

Status : Commissioning

Location : Hawiyah, Saudi Arabia

Main Contractor : Saipem

Award Date : 2017-Q4


Hawiyah gas plant currently processes 2.5 billion standard cubic feet per day (scfd) of gas. It is part of Aramco's Southern Area Energy Efficiency Programme, which includes the development of nine gas compression plants (GCP) and associated infrastructure to improve the reservoir recovery rate and extend the production plateau of both gas fields by reducing the wellhead pressure.

Project Scope

The project scope involves the expansion of Hawiyah processing capacity by 1.3 billion scfd. The scope includes inlet facilities; two new gas treatment trains; dehydration and dew point control facilities; two sales gas compression units; high and low-pressure flare and flare recovery systems; electrical and non-electrical utilities; four new industrial support buildings; communications and network infrastructure; retrofit dehydrator vessels with dual frequency desalting systems; SCADA-RTU Systems and backbone connection to support the operation of new GCPs; seven liquid separation stations (LSSs); three operational support and administration areas; reverse osmosis and STP plants; and 2,900 km of pipelines.

Project Status

As of December 2022, the commissioning of the triethylene glycol (TEG) gas dehydration package is under way.

Project Finance

Saudi Aramco is the Project Client.

Project Schedules

Feasibility Study : 1Q-2014

FEED : 3Q-2015

EPC ITB : 1Q-2017

EP : 4Q-2017

Construction : 1Q-2018

Completion : 2Q-2023