Packers Plus has been recognised as a success partner by government bodies

By focusing on local production, promoting sustainability, and actively participating in community initiatives, the company aims to solidify its commitment to the region's growth

Packers Plus Saudi Arabia Industries, a vital player in the Kingdom's oil and gas sector since 2007, emphasises local manufacturing excellence, environmental responsibility, and community engagement.

Its strategic investments in state-of-the-art facilities in Dammam underscore its commitment.

"By catering to the needs of the in-kingdom initiatives, the company supports the growth of the local economy and creates job opportunities for Saudi nationals," says a company spokesman.

Packers Plus actively participates in the In-Kingdom Total Value-Added (iktva) programme, promoting economic growth, sustainable business practices, and fostering local talent development.

To ensure the highest standards are met, Packers Plus seamlessly integrates its well-established quality management system (QMS) from North America into the local Saudi facility.

Doing so guarantees that the products manufactured locally adhere to stringent requirements of both the domestic and international markets.

Also highlighting Packers Plus' unwavering commitment to excellence is the company’s achievement of the American Petroleum Institute (API) Q1 Standards, underscoring its adherence to quality management system requirements.

In addition, Packers Plus is on track to becoming the first completion services provider in KSA for acquiring the API Q2 certification standards and providing a tangible experience within its core values of operational excellence, customer intimacy, and innovation.

"The API certifications hold immense significance in the oil and gas industry, validating compliance with rigorous quality and operational excellence standards," the spokesman says.

The API Q1 certification ensures that Packers Plus consistently meets customer requirements and enhances overall operational efficiency to manufacture products for the industry.

Meanwhile, the API Q2, explicitly designed for service providers in the oil and natural gas industry, focuses on risk management and service quality, further demonstrating Packers Plus’ dedication to delivering top-tier services.

These certifications validate Packers Plus Energy Services' commitment to excellence and enhance its credibility in the industry.

The benefits of these certifications include improved operational efficiency, reduced risks, and increased customer satisfaction, ultimately contributing to the company's continued success in the competitive landscape.

Recognising the importance of environmental care com, community engagement, and social responsibility, Packers Plus takes an active role in making a positive difference in the industrial cities of Saudi Arabia.

Through collaborations with the Eastern Municipality, many sponsor companies, and young volunteers, the company spearheads a series of cleanup events to restore and preserve the natural aesthetics of the region.

Packers Plus has been recognised as a successful partner in the Ministry of Housing and Eastern Municipality's volunteering day ceremony, exemplifying its dedication to community and social responsibility.

At Packers Plus, prioritising employee well-being is a priority. The company promotes positivity in the workplace by increasing communication and organising team-building activities.

This approach improves morale, productivity, and work satisfaction among employees.

In addition to supporting its workforce, Packers Plus is committed to fostering educational growth.

Through its cooperative education programme, the company collaborates with reputable institutions, including the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Jubail Technical Institute, the International Technical Female College, and others, to support students and contribute to sustainable development in the region.

In conclusion, Packers Plus Energy Services exemplifies local manufacturing excellence and environmental and community engagement in Saudi Arabia's oil and gas industry.

By focusing on local production, promoting sustainability, and actively participating in community initiatives, the company solidifies its commitment to the region's growth.

"Packers Plus is proud to contribute to the local economy, nurture local talent, and positively impact the environment and communities in which it operates," says the spokesman.