SABIC has reaffirmed its commitment to support the research being conducted at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Kaust) at a meeting between Mohamed Al Mady, Sabic vice chairman and CEO, and Prof Jean-Lou Chameau, president of the university, during a two-day visit to Sabic headquarters and research facilities in Riyadh.

The two sides discussed Sabic’s technology and innovation strategy and its alignment with Kaust’s programmes; the university’s current and future research initiatives; existing and future collaborations and potential opportunities; and talent development sponsored by Sabic at Kaust, including students, postdoc programmes, and junior professors. This high-level meeting of senior leadership will serve to guide the framework for new initiatives and programmes between Sabic and Kaust.

Al Mady says: “As an innovation supply chain to our business, Kaust has been dedicatedly pursuing research relevant to our business and future plans, and at the same time adding value to the community. We have a shared understanding of the advantages of applied science for our mutual benefit.”

Chameau also visited the Sabic Technology Centre, and the Sabic Plastics Application and Development Center at Techno Valley, King Saud University.

Chameau says: “Sabic’s commitment to innovative work closely aligns with Kaust’s passion for scientific discovery and cutting-edge research. We look forward to further developments in our partnership as we continue to build upon the strong foundation of our collaborative work.”

Sabic has also sourced talent at Kaust career fairs and has so far recruited around 40 Kaust-trained scientists and researchers.