Rajesh Miranda

Alloy specialist voestalpine Specialty Metals (vSM-APME), which specialises in high performance metals, including nickel-based and special steel alloys, is planning to set up a distribution unit in the Middle East. It already has a regional hub in Dubai.

 The company delivers innovative and customer specific solutions to the oil and gas industry through a global network of specialised companies. It manufactures in its own mills (in Europe and South America) to maintain high quality, while its 'We are where our customers are’ philosophy allows it to provide customers with technical expertise and support everywhere in the world.

 “vSM’s network is strategically located at all important oil and gas locations: Houston, Singapore, the North Sea (UK, Scotland and Norway), Brazil, and the Middle East,” says a company spokesman.

 Its global distribution network includes more than 150 sites and 90 storage facilities worldwide that serves not only the oil and gas industry, but other industries as well, such as CPI, aerospace, and tooling. The company’s just-in-time delivery, customer specific inventory management, and consignment stocking ensures customers can work as efficiently as possible.

 “A simplified supply chain complexity creates added value for our customers, saving them effort, time, and money. Through our one-stop shop, we support customers all the way from vendor management, storage and distribution, cutting, rough out machining with NDT, finished machining, turnkey projects, and testing.”

 The alloy specialist’s distinctive brands include those like Bohler, Uddeholm, Villares Metals, Buderus, Edelstahl, Edro, Assab, Eschmannstahl, Eifeler, Enpar to name a few.

 “Each brand symbolises a separate performance profile in the market and generates strong loyalty. These brands clearly differentiate us from our competitors,” the spokesman says.

 The company supplies a range of bars, tubes and plates include 718, 925, 625, XM19HS, K500, C276, Duplex, Super Duplex, 9CR, 13CR, S13CR, 15-5 PH, and 17-4 PH. Meanwhile its value-added services include semi-finished machined components for downhole completion tools, wellhead components, casing, tubing hangers, fluidend, fracking components, and MWD/LWD components.

 In AMPO, vSM-APME supplies powder bed (15-45 micron particle size) and laser metal deposition (45-150 micron particle size) including Bohler L718, L625, N700 – 17-4 PH, and W722 – MS1.