PIVOT2023, a global gathering for the geothermal anywhere movement, will include a month-long series of events taking place around the world.

Hosted by Project InnerSpace, the mega event this year that will connect, highlight, and broadcast from more than a dozen geothermal events, while integrating the bleeding-edge virtual content that has defined the PIVOT conference series in prior years.

The global events reflect this year’s PIVOT theme of ‘Building Bridges’, and furthers its mission of bringing together industries, entities, thought leaders, and change-makers from around the world to explore and build the future of geothermal energy together.

This year, Project InnerSpace has the International Geothermal Association and Geothermal Rising as strategic partners to co-host PIVOT2023 with both the World Geothermal Congress, in Beijing, China, and the Geothermal Rising Conference, in Reno, Nevada.

These partnerships, along with additional-hosted events in partnership with the Society of Petroleum Engineers, will make the global geothermal ecosystem freely accessible to participants across six continents through a month of both in-person and live-streamed virtual events.

PIVOT2023 will kick off with an opening event in The Hague, Netherlands, first week of September, and then travel around the world to host and spotlight events during the following weeks, culminating in events held at the Geothermal Rising Conference in Reno, Nevada, and a closing celebration in Houston, Texas, in the first week of October, 2023.

Since its launch in 2020, PIVOT has grown into the leading global event of the geothermal anywhere movement.