The Sullair TS Series compressor

Hitachi Global Air Power, an industry leader in innovative compressed air solutions, has launched the Sullair TS 190-260 Series two-stage rotary screw air compressors.

The series offers best-in-class efficiency based on the most recent* efficiency data published in accordance with the Compressed Air and Gas Institute’s (CAGI) third-party verification program.

The heart of the Sullair TS Series is an all new two-stage air end with patent-pending inter-stage cooling and an over/under design allowing for a smaller footprint.

John Randall, President and CEO of Hitachi Global Air Power, said: "The Sullair TS Series is changing the game in the industrial compressed air market. Our goal is to design machines that answer customer need – particularly the need for higher efficiency – and our engineers delivered. The redesigned two-stage air end sets a higher standard for efficiency and is another step forward in our new era of customer-centric, environment-forward innovation. It truly represents Hitachi ingenuity at its finest."

The Sullair TS 190-260 Series is highly efficient, outperforming all comparable two-stage rotary screw air compressors in CAGI third-party verification. This is particularly important in compressed air systems, which account for 10 per cent of a facility's energy costs.

Engineers at Hitachi Global Air Power designed the TS Series to enhance efficiency and minimise greenhouse gas emissions in compressor production.

Tom Poczekay, Vice-President Engineering at Hitachi Global Air Power, said: "Achieving significant efficiency improvements in our compressed air products helps not only the environmental impact of our customers’ operations, but their bottom line as well. The Sullair TS Series is such an exciting product because we totally re-thought the way a two-stage compressor moves and compresses air, not only dramatically increasing the efficiency but doing so while maintaining – and even building on – our foundation of bulletproof reliability and durability."

The Sullair TS Series is a compact compressor available in air or water-cooled configurations, with options for fixed speed, variable speed, or electronic spiral valve technology. It can withstand harsh environments and features a 10-inch color touch screen controller. With fewer parts, it's ideal for large industrial applications like steel and auto manufacturing.