The centre offers coverage for Asia-Pacific customers

Fueltrax, a leader in global Electronic Fuel Management Systems (EFMS) has opened a vessel operations centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This is Fueltrax’s second such centre and the first outside of the company’s headquarters in the US It provides closer-to-region coverage for Asia-Pacific customers.

Ruben DeLeon, Fueltrax’s Vice President of Product Support, drew on his seven-year tenure at NASA's Mission Control Center in driving the establishment of the Kuala Lumpur facility.

DeLeon said the new Fueltrax facility is modeled after the NASA centre, as "a place where data was continuously monitored, problems identified, and solutions crafted through the collective efforts of experts across various disciplines. Its environment and design were pivotal in achieving flawless missions".

Mohamad Ariff Bin Ramli has joined Fueltrax to manage the new operations center. He has 15 years of on-vessel experience and most recently worked with MISC Maritime Services as a roving marine marshall focusing on fuel optimisation and vessel performance.

The operations team includes other seasoned professional mariners, including chief engineers, skilled instrumentation and control field technicians, and military veterans.

Both Fueltrax operation centres enable support staff from diverse backgrounds to convene in a single space, offering a comprehensive operational perspective and insight into the health and status of all Fueltrax systems.

The setup fosters teamwork and facilitates swift problem-solving through exchange of insights to enhance the customer experience.

"Each day the Fueltrax team provides training and support to a wide range of stakeholders, including global technicians, installation partners, vessel crews, shoreside operations and management teams, as well as charterer personnel," said Faiz Azani, Fueltrax’s Kuala Lumpur-based Director of Operations for Southeast Asia. "This new vessel operations center ensures that vessels anywhere in the world can maintain access to top-tier support from highly skilled professional mariners."