Name of Client : Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco)

Estimated Budget : $1,700,000,000

Revised Budget : $2,000,000,000

Contract Value : $1,900,000,000

Facility Type : Gas Oil Separation Plant (GOSP)

Sector : Exploration & Upstream Production

Main Contractor : Saipem

Location : Berri, Saudi Arabia

Award Date : 2019-Q2

Status : Construction


Aramco is planning to add 250,000 barrels of oil per day from Berri oilfield in the Arabian Gulf. In it is efforts to develop Berri oilfield, Aramco will construct a new gas-oil separation facilities at Abu Ali and Khurasniyah plants to process the additional light crude output from Berri oilfield.

Project Status

As of May 2024, Gulf Heavy Industries has manufactured and supplied pressure vessels for the project.Additionally, March 2024 Al Arabi Heavy Equipment Lease Company (AHEL) is currently providing cranes for the project.

Project Scope

The project scope includes a new gas-oil separation plant with the capacity of 250,000 barrels of oil at Abu Ali Gas Plant. Additional facilities will be developed at the Khursaniyah Gas Plant to process 40 million barrels per day of hydrocarbon condensate. The plant will be installed with a 140 MW gas-powered generation unit also equipped with sulfur removal trains to process 370 million standard cu ft per day of associated sour gas.

Project Finance

The project client is Aramco.

Project Schedules

Feasibility Study : 1Q-2017

FEED ITB : 1Q-2017

FEED : 2Q-2017

PMC : 2Q-2017

EPC ITB : 4Q-2018

EP : 2Q-2019

Construction : 1Q-2022

Completion : 1Q-2025