Anas Al-Shuwayer, Business Development Manager at SANKYU Saudi Arabia

SANKYU Saudi Arabia, a leader in plant engineering, operation support, and logistics services, has established a strong presence in Saudi Arabia's industrial sector through strategic investments, technological advancements, and localisation. This aligns with the country's vision of promoting local participation and talent utilisation, making it a vital player in the country's industrial growth and sustainability efforts.

Anas Al-Shuwayer, the Business Development Manager at SANKYU Saudi Arabia, sits down with OGN magazine to provide a look at the company's operations, its participation in key industry events, and its long-term plans for expansion in the region.

Below are excerpts from the interview:

Can you provide an overview of your company's operations?

Our company is unique in the fact that it has three services under one umbrella - business support, plant engineering, and logistics. Typically, this combination of services does not exist in the market, making SANKYU Saudi Arabia a versatile and comprehensive solutions provider.

What are the new developments within your company, and how has it helped you to position yourself in the market?

SANKYU Human Resources Development and Maintenance centre in Jubail 2

One of the key new developments is the establishment of our new maintenance centre, which will serve as both a human resources development centre and a maintenance centre. This investment has enabled us to expand our capabilities and provide more comprehensive services to our clients in the region.

This investment aligns with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which emphasises the importance of developing a skilled workforce and investing in local talent. The human resources development centre is driven towards developing the younger generation into professional technicians and engineers that can serve the market's demand.

How has this year been so far for you, and how do you see it progressing?

This year has been positive, with continued growth following a period of expansion. We believe this is a very positive sign for Saudi Arabia, and we expect the growth to continue as new investments and projects are initiated in the region. We are optimistic about the upcoming years as well.

Given the scale of projects underway in Saudi Arabia and the region, what are the opportunities you see for yourself?

We have a specialised division that focuses on business support, with a particular emphasis on solid handling for sulfur and steel. We believe the market for these services is growing, and we see a huge opportunity for expansion in the next 5 to 10 years.

What differentiates your company's offerings from competitors in the Saudi market?

SANKYU has over 100 years of global experience, with operations in every continent and a workforce of over 340,000 employees. While this global experience is valuable, the Saudi market has its own unique structure. SANKYU has been operating in Saudi Arabia since 2008, giving us over 15 years of local experience. The combination of our global expertise and Saudi-specific knowledge allows us to provide tailored services that are well-suited to the local market.

How do your company's products and services help Saudi Arabia and the region further achieve its green goals?

Our services focus on optimisation and reliability, which enables our clients to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their sustainability. By optimising operations, we help manufacturers in the petrochemical and other industries to improve their environmental performance.

What are your long-term plans for expanding your business in Saudi Arabia and the region?

We have recently established an agreement to set up a new branch in Qatar, which is a new country for us. Our focus is on expanding within the Gulf region, with a particular emphasis on Saudi Arabia. The investment in our new maintenance centre in Saudi Arabia has enabled us to grow significantly in the Saudi and Gulf markets.

What are some of the recent major achievements of your company in the region?

Our safety record is impressive, and we have received multiple safety awards this year, which are recognised by the industry. Additionally, we have expanded our operations in Oman, where we have obtained a new contract for solid handling of sulfur with the Duqm refinery.

How are you employing technology to enhance your operations and productivity?

As a global player, we are always looking for innovative technologies to improve our services. We have developed three technologies in Japan that we believe are beneficial to the industry: Drone inspection for maintenance operations, live-streaming maintenance operations from the field to a base location using specialised glasses, enabling remote support from specialised personnel, and 3D mapping of facilities, which is a new initiative that we believe aligns with Aramco's goals.