The ACLC helps improve safety and efficiency

The ACLC provides a high axial and radial holding force, enabling a semi-automated installation tool to improve safety and efficiency and reduces staff in red zone by 50 per cent, says Espen Sorbo, CEO of Ace Oil Tools

Ace Oil Tools, a technology company known for its proprietary ratcheting technology, has launched its new Ace Control Line Clamp (ACLC) for the well construction market.

The ACLC has been designed to improve safety in offshore operations by enabling automation during the installation of control line clamps. Its innovative, revolutionary design ensures the ACLC semi-automates the control line process, reducing the need for workers in the red zone by 50 per cent, and reduces the time spent in the red zone by 30 per cent.

Delivering a high axial and radial holding force of more than 40 tonnes, its innovative design makes it deployable on any current rig. The ACLC is partly pre-installed on the tubing. When running in hole, the retention lid is placed in the installation tool to catch the control line when the tool moves toward the tubing.

The pre-installed parts of the ACLC can be fitted onshore, or on the pipe deck, and is based upon the Ace Ratchet Collar (ARC), a stop collar that provides a safer and reliable solution to traditional methods and a cost-effective alternative to centralizer subs. Ace are also designing a fully automated installation version for the ACLC that will eliminate overhead hazards and personnel in the red zone and therefore meet the rig requirements of the future.

Espen Sorbo, CEO of Ace Oil Tools, said: 'The ACLC is both innovative and revolutionary, and we firmly believe that it is raising the stakes in downhole tool technology. We have worked hard to deliver a new product to the completion market, improving safety and efficiency, while supporting digital operations.

'We have long recognised that one of the most critical parts of well construction is the completion phase alongside the installation of control line clamps, and this solution will help to streamline that process. We remain committed to being the holding force in downhole technology, focusing our efforts on driving forward new and innovative products that meet the needs of the sector.'

The ACLC solution has already been comprehensively tested and exceeds product qualification requirements defined by Equinor.

Ace Oil Tools is a technology company that has redesigned the traditional stop collar to bring unrivalled holding force to operators looking to centralise the pipe and protect equipment downhole. Smart and cost-effective, the Ace Ratchet Collar (ARC) removes the need for centraliser subs, resulting in cost savings of up to 80 per cent.

Founded in 2012, Ace Oil Tools has carried out projects in more than 29 countries and five continents. The company has a growing product portfolio, with all of its products built on its proprietary ‘ratcheting’ mechanism, which is simple and innovative in design.