Juffali Commercial Vehicles (JCV), which represents global leader Daimler Trucks, Vans & Buses in Saudi Arabia, has recently announced its new partnership with the tech giant and AR pioneer TeamViewer to enhance productivity further and improve the quality of life for its employees.

Juffali Commercial Vehicles CEO Heiko Schulze and Alexandru Cretu, National Service Director, say that they are excited to provide their engineers with new technology to create a smoother experience for everyone involved.

Through TeamViewer’s XAssist system, JCV hopes to provide innovative remote support in the Saudi market using its capability to use AR to connect engineers remotely with experts wherever they are based.

Heiko Schulze, CEO, Juffali Commercial Vehicles

'We are very excited to work with TeamViewer to provide our engineers with new technology to help them analyse situations faster and more efficiently,' says Schulze. 'This partnership highlights our determination to constantly improve and not settle for what we have. This would also bring new opportunities for growth and a new experience internally and for the customers, aiming to deliver faster servicing and a better overall experience.'

Cretu says: 'Providing this exciting new technology to our engineers and technicians will enhance the quality and speed of diagnosis and repair solutions, offering a unique customer experience for our fleet owners in our service centres.'

Through this partnership comes a wealth of opportunities to improve the existing technology and take steps beyond what has already been achieved.

For JCV, XAssist brings a newer experience to both the user and the customer. In addition, this partnership would provide the potential for quicker and more efficient, and more precise servicing that would set the standard for all regional companies.

Alexandru Cretu, National Service Director, Juffali Commercial Vehicles

This new technology will be introduced in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam to bolster the technology already available in the servicing centres. This will help Juffali Commercial Vehicles set the standards of servicing across the region and deliver the best possible experiences for the customer and utilise unique problem-solving methods that can only be found in Juffali Commercial Vehicles.


Adding XAssist into the daily routines of engineers would help provide them with on-the-go assistance wherever they need it. For example, the XAssist can assist in using AR, where the user wears Smart Glass technology to show what they are working on to another person on the other side while still being able to use both hands to work.

The device is fitted with two cameras: one focused on the face and the other being a first-person view of the user. XAssist would then be able to connect to an expert who could see and assist the user with what they would need help with. Moreover, XAssist also comes with many advantages that could be useful in many situations.


With XAssist, employees would be able to connect and show the problem to
an expert who could assist from a distance

Using XAssist, production downtime can be significantly reduced should a problem occur. Employees would be able to connect and show the problem to an expert who could assist from a distance. This would help save time by eliminating the time it would take to have an expert see the situation physically. Additionally, AR markers can be placed in specific places to help clarify the expert’s instructions. Furthermore, multiple people could join the call, providing a way for external support should it be needed.


Depending on the situation, XAssist can be used to connect to experts to help find a solution to the problem. This would create faster response times and reduce the time needed to come to a solution. The end-user would be able to connect to the engineer immediately, who could see the problem first hand, and explain the solution to the user without having to leave their office.

Should the problem be more advanced, third-party experts could also join and analyse the situation with all parties involved.

Through the use of XAssist, productivity levels can be kept high by reducing the amount of time that is needed for an expert to see the situation. In addition, the analysis of the problem can be further sped up by using AR, where markers can be placed to ease the process of providing instructions to the user. The advantages of XAssist can also be extended to the customers, where they can be provided a smoother experience in servicing that is unmatched in the region.