IMI Critical Engineering's steam trap monitoring solution

IMI Critical Engineering has launched an innovative steam trap monitoring solution to reduce losses and excess downtime in industrial applications resulting from blocked or leaking steam traps, which can add up to additional costs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

The STM-10 steam trap monitoring solution comprises wireless compact sensors monitoring critical process conditions and software, which uses data from the sensors and smart algorithms to instantly confirm whether a steam trap is blocked or leaking.

The smart algorithms used within the STM-10 have been developed with IMI Critical Engineering’s extensive experience in steam process and control. These insights will help operators make changes for the better.

Combined with proactive maintenance schedules, the STM-10 cuts energy costs and CO2 emissions while reducing the risk of wet steam erosion damage.

The STM-10 was developed within Growth Hub, IMI’s innovation engine, driven by deep customer engagement, which has shown that it has often been difficult for maintenance teams to identify faults on valve traps due to a typical lack of sensors installed.

As a result, control rooms will rarely identify the leaks and plant managers can be oblivious to problems that can lead to long periods of downtime and significant losses.

The solution’s compact design is easily installed to exposed pipes either side of the steam trap.

It uses wireless long-range communications and thermal energy harvesting, making it a self-contained solution that can be installed by any member of the plant maintenance team.

IMI estimates that digital technologies such as STM-10 can help cut capital expenditure by 20 per cent and improve global cash flow by as much as $300 billion.