The F1 EV on display at Automechanika

Visitors to Automechanika Dubai have had the opportunity to witness first-hand the results of over 12 months of design undertaken by Abu Dhabi University (ADU) students to build a fully electric Formula 1 (F1) vehicle as part of the 2023 Global Electric Vehicle Competition.

The international competition, organised by Global EEE, a non-profit organisation for student competitions based in the US, was held for the first time in the Mena region and took place at Hudayriyat Island, Abu Dhabi.

The competition took place over approximately 17 months and comprised two stages, the first being the design, analysis, simulation and virtual race, followed by construction, testing and finally, racing.

Showcased as part of Automechanika Dubai’s inaugural Innovation4Mobility event feature, the F1 electric vehicle can reach speeds of up to 160 kmph.

Powered by two batteries and four electric motors, each with 12 KW of power, the car was designed in collaboration with the university’s mechanical and electrical departments, with both under-and post-graduate students taking part in the project.

Hasan Hamdan, Research Assistant, Abu Dhabi University and final year Masters’ student, said: While common components between all competing teams included the batteries and motors, the universities individually designed all other elements of the car. The team also dedicated significant attention to ensuring full aerodynamic stability, recognising the criticality of the vehicle's design.

“Emphasis was very much focused on technical innovation, rigorous use of design, analysis and simulation tools, in addition to controlled testing, with minimal budget,” he said, adding, “the dream is now to work in the F1 industry,”