Sanoat Energetika Guruhi (Saneg), Uzbekistan’s largest private oil and gas company, has commission a new petroleum tank farm to provide gasoline and diesel fuel to Tashkent and the surrounding region.

Saneg’s existing refuelling complex on the premises of Tashkent international Airport has been expanded to include 6 vertical steel tanks that can store an additional 12 thousand cubic meters of petroleum products.

By offloading light oil products from railway tankers for storage in the tank farm, the complex will facilitate daily fuel sales of 1,500 tons through onward trans-shipment.

Ulugbek Shernazarov, Saneg’s Deputy General Director for Commercial Affairs, said: “At the moment, the existing oil depot is loading and unloading AI-92 and AI-80 unleaded gasolines produced at the Ferghana Oil Refinery, as well as diesel fuel. Thanks to the launch of Saneg’s new logistics complex, we will be able to meet the growing demand for high-quality fuel and ensure delivery to the capital's gas stations within an hour, supported by a fleet of 39 fuel trucks.”

The project was carried out by Enter Engineering at a cost of $10 million, creating 35 new jobs in the process as part of Saneg’s commitment to Uzbekistan’s human capital development.

 The expansion of the tank complex follows Saneg’s recent creation of a new internal Well Maintenance and Overhaul Department that is significantly improving the efficiency of repair work at the company’s oilfields.