The hybrid energy system will help Adnoc decarbonise its drilling operations

Adnoc Drilling is deploying a battery-based energy storage system to help decarbonise its operations and reduce drilling unit emissions by 10-15 per cent.

The first battery solution, which was launched at one of its land drilling last month, will see one of the traditional drilling unit engines replaced by a battery solution creating a hybrid energy system for its drilling operations.

"The system balances the energy requirements of the drilling unit between its traditional engines, a battery energy storage solution and engine management software," Adnoc said in a statement.

When the engines are idle or not under load, the energy generated transfers to the battery for storage until the unit needs maximum energy or a spike in energy requirements is experienced, so maximising energy requirement while minimising emissions.

The solution is similar to road vehicle hybrid energy solutions we see on the roads in and around the UAE.

A tender has already been issued for additional battery solutions to be commissioned by 2023 yearend to include many more drilling units across Adnoc Drilling. This solution is one of the many initiatives that Adnoc Drilling will deploy to decarbonise its operations in the UAE 'Year of Sustainability' and beyond.