The multi-run APS

Interwell, a global service company providing products and services that increase integrity and performance across the lifecycle of wells, came to the aid of a major gas operator in Qatar in what could have otherwise meant the loss of a valuable energy source and more downtime.

It used a retrofitted multi-run straddle system to isolate extensive leaks and reinstate gas lift functionality for a major operator in Qatar.


The operator was looking to isolate an 85-ft leaking section in the completion string below the side-pocket mandrel (SPM) along with a suspected gas exit at the SPM in a high-producing oil well.

Assigning the well to a workover would have been an expensive and lengthy process wherein the well would have to be shut down for extended periods leading to loss of production.

The client was looking for a quick and efficient solution to restore well integrity without compromising the functionality of the gas lift and reinstate production back to optimum levels.



Interwell proposed a multi-run anchored production straddle (APS) based on the ME design retrofitted with a PTC Go-lift sub to restore the gas lift capability. The APS was then customised to cover the entire leaking section including the SPM. The lower section was initially set followed by two sets of spacers on a GS, and finally, the upper section fitted with the PTC Go-Lift was latched onto the bottom sections.


The APS was mobilised to the location within two weeks, enabling the operation to be completed within three weeks from when the plan was established.

This enabled the client to significantly reduce production downtime and quickly switch the well back online.

In avoiding a workover, the solution saved our client considerable time, cost and helped reduce emissions.

The multi-run straddle system is ISO 14310 V0 qualified and a fully retrievable multi-run APS with large through bore ID. It can be retrofitted with PTC Go-Lift valves. The APS can isolate extensive leaking sections in the completion string, avoiding an expensive workover, making a cost efficient solution.