Packers Plus ... committed to social responsibility efforts

Packers Plus Energy Services, alongside Eastern Eamana and other SMEs from the community, is leading the way for environmental awareness and responsibility

Packers Plus Energy Services, a pioneering well completion technology company, celebrated its 15 years of operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in benevolent fashion.

Committed to social responsibility efforts, the company led other local and foreign small and medium enterprises (SME) in an industrial waste clean-up and to restore the natural look of the Induscom Industrial City.

Packers Plus joined forces with Eastern Eamana and several other organisations from the business and education sectors in the Eastern Region.

According to a Packers Plus spokesman: "This campaign aims to elevate environmental awareness and encourage the community to take responsibility. It will undoubtedly positively impact the local community and the protection of the Kingdom’s environment."

In a collaborative effort, 80 volunteers from 8 companies helped remove 208 cu m of trash in the first event on November 26, 2022

The Packers Plus spokesman expressed gratitude to all contributors "who took time from their weekend to support the event".

The cleaning of trees at Induscom Industrial City

The spokesman acknowledged the contribution of Hunting and NTS that supplied the garbage collection equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE), and Eastern Emana for the required permits and heavy-duty equipment.

He also appreciated Midad Company for supplying shirts, banners and table arrangements, and NEFT Energies for the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and safety kick-off.

Other contributors included Al Manaa Medical Center, who sent a first aid team, Abdulmunim Contracting for cleaning up the trees in the first event, and the International Female Technical College and other sponsors for lending their workforces to support the event.

This was just the first of many such initiatives, which began late last year. About six events were planned over the winter months of 2022 and 2023 in the Induscom Industrial Area adjacent to Modon Industrial Park 2.

The next event will take place on January 14, 2023, with more volunteers hoped to be recruited.

Packers Plus invites those interested to contact members of the company for information.

Packers Plus has played an important role as an SME in the Kingdom since 2007. It delivered an aggressive strategy to grow its business, presence and participation in the Kingdom in 2018, helping it achieve new levels of success over the last five years.

In these years, the company has shifted its focus to localising manufacturing — through facilities in the Kingdom — and growing its local team with many a Saudi talent.

Packers Plus had made a conscious decision early on that focusing on training and developing the local Saudi staff was critical.

Today it remains true to this, with nearly three quarters of the team being Saudi nationals and many local talents leading the company to exponential growth.

The local staffing policy strengthened Packers Plus’ position with the establishment of the in-Kingdom Total Value Add Program (iktva)

The number of Saudis in the company has grown as it moved further into manufacturing technologies locally in Dammam, where it has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility built specifically to meet its in-Kingdom needs with the highest quality control capabilities.

Packers Plus added new technology to its portfolio, including Multistage Completion Solutions, Liner Hanger Solutions, and Flux: Flow Control and Sand Management completions.

These technologies will have a greater emphasis placed on the local design and manufacturing of tools at the company’s Dammam facility.

The key, as a company official pointed out, will be bringing Packers Plus’ high-level quality management system (QMS), which has been well established in North America, to the local Saudi facility and to its field services.