Hazem ... diversification focus

The leading testing, inspection and certification company has set out a long-term strategy in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and iktva programmes, Hazem Zein, Country Manager, tells OGN

Applus+’s commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has grown as it continues to expand and diversify in sectors beyond its traditional oil and gas business.

Currently, Applus+ is involved in many projects in a range of sectors, supporting major players in the petrochemical, construction, infrastructure, renewable energy and mining sectors, including megaprojects such as Neom. It also works closely with municipalities and other government departments in Saudi Arabia.

'In the next few years, we will be diversifying the business in Saudi Arabia even further. We aim to do this by forming strategic partnerships with industry leaders and by introducing our wide range of innovative services and technologies to the Kingdom,' Hazem Zein, Country Manager, Applus+ in Saudi Arabia, tells OGN.

Applus+'s specialised non-destructive resting services

Applus+ is known as a leading international testing, inspection and certification company. In Saudi Arabia, the company has set out a long-term strategy, which is fully aligned with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and In Kingdom Total Value Add (iktva) programmes.

A voluntarily participant in the Iktva programme, Applus+ has a score of 60 per cent in 2021, which is high for the service sector.

Over the past few years, over 150 of Applus+ Saudi trainees have qualified as Aramco-approved inspectors. It remains committed to Saudisation and has exceeded 70 per cent in a number of projects.

A key highlight in recent years for Applus+ has been to see its business grow and the workforce triple. This includes diversification of service offerings beyond oil and gas.

Zein explains: 'Business has grown exponentially since 2017 and we will follow our diversification-based strategy to continue to grow in the upcoming years'.

Considering its wide range of onshore and offshore solutions, the company is at present involved in a number of offshore projects in Saudi Arabia. Its teams are also currently working on refinery projects, petrochemical plants and strategic pipelines in the Kingdom.

In fact, Applus+ has been awarded automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) projects for offshore pipelines because of its priority to introduce new technologies to the Saudi Market, including its specialised I-Line Inspection technologies, such as DTI (Difficult to Inspect) Trekscan and PIT (Pipeline Inspection Tool).


Technology within the Applus+ has developed immensely, and this means the company can offer the latest, most innovative technologies to our clients. It designs services customised to clients’ needs and project requirements.

The company has developed specialised technologies for the oil and gas industry with focus in recent years being on non-destructive testing (NDT). In this regard, some key technologies include:

DTI Trekscan free floating inline inspection tool designed to inspect
unpiggable pipelines

DTI Trekscan: The Applus+ DTI Trekscan is the first free-floating pipeline in-line inspection tool designed to traverse back-to-back one-dimensional (1D) bends. It can run in pipelines previously considered to be 'unscrapable'.

Using the latest ultrasonic technology and high-density transducer-carrier design, most refined petroleum products, water and crude oils can be used as a medium to run this tool.

PIT: The Applus+ PIT is gravity moved, pumped or self-propelled cable operated system inspecting pipes from the inside. As it passes down the pipeline, attached to a reinforced umbilical cable, it takes measurements related to wall thickness and corrosion on both the inside and outside of the pipe.

PIT can be equipped with crack detection and XYZ mapping and the tool can also be modified to enable safe passage past tees, valves, diameter changes and flexible pipe connections.

 Inverse Wave Extrapolation (IWEX): This technology of Applus + is a full matrix capture (FMC) technique using ultrasonic (UT) inspection in which individual A-scans are recorded for each and every element of an array transducer.

These A-scans are processed in a similar way to seismic processing and medical imaging. Its enhanced sizing and discrimination also allow the client to leave certain flaws in place without a field repair.

Ultimately, this results in cost saving, reduced downtime and enhanced productivity. The portable IWEX system is currently being developed.

Digital Twins: Using photogrammetry software, the Applus+ specialist team can develop virtual models to suit a variety of requirements. Digital twins can be used to view scanned assets via a web browser or for the inspection of assets in a virtual reality environment.

The Applus+ team offers custom reporting that allows direct interfacing into a client's database, further improving efficiency in the delivery of results. This digital solution allows the end-user to make informed decisions about real-world data through the use of virtual models.

Applus+ is committed to the energy transition and will contribute to net-zero emission targets for safe and clean world.

'We are sure that we will be able to make difference with our capabilities in energy projects worldwide,' says Zein.

The company operates from 20 sites across the Kingdom and has developed a solid reputation in the market for service excellence.