Both organic and inorganic, Sabic is working to build an asset footprint around the world, including in the US, to capitalise on shale gas opportunities, in addition to building a strong presence in Asia and Europe, and to leverage its strength in Saudi Arabia for growth and Vision 2030.

The company plans to leverage and reinforce its local infrastructure and capabilities in support of its growth ambitions in China.

To maintain its growth momentum, Sabic is further strengthening relationships with its customers through our operations in 50 countries. It has established an extensive network of regional offices and operational centers throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia to support customer needs.

Sabic has continued to develop and expand its businesses under its ambitious long-term strategy. This includes a number of expansion and development projects, as well as signing of a number of strategic agreements.

The projects are split between Saudi Arabia and rest of world and classified between growth projects, corporate research, corporate social responsibility, efficiency/debottlenecking/ improvement, sustainability/SEEC, research centre, regional hub, training facility and housing.

The following is a summary of the key projects and agreements: