Flyability Elios 3's new surveying payload

Flyability, a leader in confined-space drones, has launched a new surveying payload for its Elios 3 drone.

According to Flyability, the new payload is the Ouster OS0-128 Rev 7 and will enable safe, centimeter-accurate scans of hard-to-reach areas, supporting its overall mission of keeping people out of hazardous environments.

The payload comes as part of a bundle including training, reflective targets, and specialised processing software, FARO Connect.

The key features of the new payload include greater precision and accuracy, a wider range, higher point density, and improved photon sensitivity.

The new LiDAR payload for the Elios 3 is an alternative to the existing Ouster OS0-32 Rev 6.2, and targets professionals seeking survey-grade results in hard-to-reach, inaccessible spaces.

The enhanced features include volumetric measurements that are accurate to within 1 per cent of terrestrial laser scans, distance measurements with centimeter precision, and more detailed point clouds with sharper definition.

In addition, the Surveying payload is better suited for symmetrical environments, appealing to inspectors of wastewater pipes and sewers.

The new Surveying Payload is sold in a bundle with FARO Connect, a powerful software solution by the global leader in 3D measurement FARO Technologies.

The software has SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) presets that are optimised for data gathered with the Elios 3.

During processing, Connect will automatically interpret reflective targets as ground control points to georeference Elios 3 point clouds, as well as filter them for noise. With these targets, Connect can also align multiple point clouds to create a single, clean result for clear visualisation.