A six-way manifold hydrant ... can flow over 10,000 GPM

The CCG is one of the largest regional groups offering diverse products and services including water purification, wastewater treatment, environmental services, fire protection, firefighting equipment, vehicles manufacturing, marine and specialty gases

Concorde-Corodex Group (CCG), a multi-disciplinary company and a regional pioneer in fire protection, water purification, wastewater treatment and environmental services, is showcasing its portfolio of companies at this year’s Adipec in Abu Dhabi.

Established in 1974, the company has evolved to become one of the largest groups to offer a diverse portfolio of products and services including water purification, wastewater treatment, environmental services, fire protection, firefighting equipment, vehicles manufacturing, marine and industrial chemical cleaning and specialty gases.

'CCG’s core values have been the cornerstone of what define us and what we stand for. All business units of CCG are registered companies with Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (QHSEMS) in compliance with international standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018,' says a company spokesman.

Some of the group’s establishments that will be part of the CCG stand at Adipec 2021 include:

Al Shallal ... designed to combat major fires

• Bristol Fire Engineering: This is a leading firefighting and fire protection manufacturer in the Middle East that has been offering innovative firefighting solutions for more than 40 years. The company has grown to become a pioneer in the industry for unmatched quality and dependability, longstanding commitment and unwavering dedication.

The Bristol product range includes fire pumps, fire alarm system, fire suppression system, portable and automatic fire extinguishers, hose reels, hydrant, valves and various types of fire rated doors.

• The Bristol Vehicle Manufacturing Division is specialised in the manufacturing of bodies and engineering for all types of commercial vehicles, such as rescue vehicles, firefighting vehicles, ambulances and specialised vehicles.

The company strives to continuously evolve its products and services to address market changes and ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Its product range includes several solutions for petrochemical and oil and gas emergencies.

The division produces a range of emergency response products, including pumpers, tankers, rescue trucks, rapid intervention vehicles, Euro and US standard ambulances, in addition to bespoke designs, which include command, hazmat and media relations vehicles, mobile clinics, outside broadcasting trailers and bomb squad units.

A particular achievement by Bristol is the fusion of US-style heavy industrial pumpers onto a cab-over commercial chassis’ putting it in a league all of its own.

Some of its key products include:

• High flow industrial firefighting truck – Al Shallal (The Waterfall): The Al Shallal heavy, industrial pumper is designed to combat major fires in the petrochemical, oil and gas sector and heavy industries.

Containerised pump solutions

The vehicle is designed and certified to NFPA standards, and built on a Mercedes Benz commercial chassis that carries up to six firefighters. Other commercial chassis and custom chassis are also available.

In terms of firefighting media, the vehicle has a 2,500 GPM (gallons per minute) waterous mid-ship pump, 2,000-litre booster tank, a Williams Hot Shot II balanced-pressure foam proportioning system feeding all discharges, and a 5,000-l foam tank including a 226 kg Gorilla dry chemical skid, which contains PKW dry powder for specific use in all hydro-chem attacks.

• Six-way manifold hydrant: For petrochemical and oil and gas emergencies, which require large amounts of water (quickly and delivered to a specific spot), CCG has developed a high-flow hydrant manifold, featuring four 6-in and two 12-in discharges, allowing a single manifold capable to flow well more than 10,000 GPM.

The design is highly customisable to any of several equations, including 5-, 6- and 12-in discharges, supplying large-volume monitors in all configurations, industrial pumpers or large-diameter ground monitors, making full use of the firewater network’s available capacity.

Accessories can include 2.5-in discharges, fixed monitors, drain valves, master valves on the barrel and pressure gauges, to name a few.

Bristol Gases ... specialty gas producers for varied applications

• Containerised pump solutions: Bristol fire pumps are designed and engineered using state-of-the-art technology and fabrication facilities.

These pumps are ideal for fixed system applications, private firewater networks, sprinkler and riser systems meeting with, amongst others, UL and FM standards.

CCG also provides skids either with diesel or electric driven split-case, end-suction or vertical turbine pumps in a range of materials.

All components are standardised and manufactured meticulously for excellent performance, increasing overall durability and reliable operation.

The Impellers are precisely engineered to provide mechanical stability, smooth operation with minimal maintenance.

The rotating parts and casings are made from corrosion-resistant materials with options including full pump skids with controllers, fuel tanks for diesel driven options, including suction and discharge manifolds.

• Bristol Gases is a division of CCG that manufactures industrial and specialty gases, and has the production capacity to can meet any demand and delivery deadlines.

Bristol Gases is one of a few specialty gas producers in UAE that can produce for specific applications, such as in food, glass and metal processing, semiconductor, medical, aerospace and research and development.

• The CCG Fire Protection and Automation Division provides solutions in fire protection and automation, fire rescue and safety, low current solutions.

It prides itself on quality and cost-effective engineering solutions in accordance with recognised international codes and standard systems.

As industry pioneers with more than 40 years’ experience, the company has been leading with high-level expertise providing design, engineering, supply, installation and maintenance on products and projects.

• The CCG Rescue, Safety and Industrial (RSI) Division, in partnership with world-leading manufacturers, offers an array of safety and rescue equipment such as breathing apparatus, gas detection, water form mist system, ventilators, training simulators, hydraulic equipment, trailers, foam proportioning, rescue-response vehicles and portable firefighting systems.

The RSI Division mainly deals with government companies such as Adnoc, Adco, Civil Defense, Army, Police Department and various private companies.

It has partnered with many organisations, locally and internationally, providing our expert solutions, products, and services on many applications according to various requirements.

• Corodex Industries is a pioneer in engineering, manufacturing, assembly and fabrication of various water purification and wastewater treatment equipment.

It was one of the first companies in the Middle East to offer water treatment services along with extensive research and development focused on developing the necessary technologies in water purification systems and wastewater treatment system and odour control system.

• Corodex Marine is one of the leading companies in water treatment chemicals, marine and industrial cleaning products and services.

Its highly qualified professionals can execute various projects in cleaning different heat exchangers and performing pre-commissioning, pickling and passivation for large heat exchangers at large desalination units, piping cleaning like condensate return piping, and cleaning and preserving all types of boilers and water borne systems.

Corodex Marine offers a wide range of products and services, including chemicals for marine and offshore, IMO-approved tank cleaning chemicals, pickling and passivating products and services, oil and gas pipelines cleaning products and services, lube oil and fuel test kits, potable water on board testing kit, water treatment chemicals and testing equipment’s, waste water treatment system and chemicals, RO system and chemicals, gases, welding and cutting equipment’s, refrigerants and recovery system, safety package on site with our qualified expertise.

CCG will be exhibiting at Stand 11612, Hall 11, at Adipec 2021.