MUSTANG joined two highly respected Saudi Arabian engineering businesses in 2011, Dar Al-Riyadh Engineering and Construction (Dar E&C) and Petro-Infrastructuring Engineering Consultants (PI-Consult), with a previous acquisition, Al-Hejailan Consultants, forming Mustang Al-Hejailan Dar PI (Mustang-HDP).

Mustang-HDP was established to provide world class engineering, procurement and construction management services to the GCC region from our central head-quarters in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Mustang-HDP facts:
 More than 500 employees and growing;
 Serving Saudi Arabia and GCC for over 20 years ; and
 Backed by Mustang global leadership in engineering excellence.

 Upstream (offshore and onshore);
 Downstream (refining chemicals and petrochemicals);
 Automation, telecommunication, and security systems engineering; and
 Industrial and manufacturing infrastructure