Almajdouie ... expertise in moving huge loads

ALMAJDOUIE Heavylift and MPSC, a joint venture between Almajdouie and Fagioli, have successfully moved four massive reactor units for a project in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

Almajdouie transported the units from Yanbu Industrial Port to Yanbu Export Refinery Project (YERP) site for its client Daelim.

The hydrocracking reactors, two weighing 1,660 tonnes and the other two weighing 790 tonnes were hauled 17 km safely to the site, says a statement.

The heavy reactors had to pass over seven culverts along the main access roads. Almajdouie’s in-house team fixed sufficient scaffolding supports underneath the culvert, as per the engineering specifications, to ensure the safe traverse of the cargo over the culverts, it says.

Almajdouie has over five decades of experience serving local, regional and international clients in this sector. Almajdouie and its partners and joint ventures, like MPSC, have become experts in the engineering and transportation of unusual, heavy and over-dimensional cargo.

In recent times Almajdouie and MPSC have moved the world’s largest evaporators weighing nearly 5,000 tonnes each, at the Ras Al Khair Project in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Also successfully completed in recent times was the landmark project to transport 1,293-tonne bullet tanks on a special route from Dammam to Jubail, a total distance of around 150 km on self-propelled modular trailers.

Good planning and coordination plays a vital role in such movements. The team, in collaboration with its client, assess potential risks and difficulties and undertake road surveys prior to planning a transport route; and assessing the most appropriate specialised equipment to be used for the completion of the project, says the statement.