JUBAIL-BASED Dresser Al Rushaid Valve & Instrument Co Ltd (Darvico) is restructuring its production facilities in the city to streamline its operations, raise efficiency further and achieve a modest capacity expansion in expectation of a boom in demand for its products and services in the next few years.

The new initiative will create additional storage and production space with machining taking place in one designated area “for best usage and potential,” says a spokesperson. The company is a joint venture between the Al Rushaid Group of Saudi Arabia and US-based Dresser, a global energy infrastructure technology and service provider. Dresser is currently part of GE energy.
Darvico is also expanding infrastructure at its Yanbu service centre, which takes care of the entire Western Region of Saudi Arabia. It produces valves assembled from parts shipped in by Dresser, but also utilises its plant for valve repairs and recalibrations.

It deals with two brands, namely Masoneilan control valves and Consolidated safety relief valves (SRVs) and has capacity to produce and service 3,000 control valves and 12,000 SRVs while actual production in 2011 was 1,200 of the former and 4,500 of the latter. Repairs were accomplished on 1,600 control valves and 7,000 relief valves.

Darvico has equipment to manufacture Masoneilan valves ranging from 0.5 inch to 24 inches and Consolidated valves from 0.5 inch to 10 inches with facilities for hydro testing and leak testing. The assemblers and test technicians are trained and certified by Dresser every year.

The manufacturing and testing process is regularly audited by independent accreditation authorities.

When compared with 2010 figures, there was significant growth in volumes of Consolidated SRVs and Masoneilan control valves produced and serviced in 2011. Sales grew 8 per cent over 2010 and the company has set a higher target for growth in 2012. Darvico does not export as its mandate is to deliver products and services within Saudi Arabia. In emergencies, however, it does supply valves from stock to Dresser associates abroad.

According to the company, Masoneilan models popular in Saudi Arabia are the 21K and 41K general service control valves used in many sectors including oil and gas, petrochemicals and power and water treatment. Other well-known products in the same brand are the 84K steamform valve specifically used for steam conditioning applications in the power sector, 31K rotary valves fitted with PFA lining for corrosive applications, the 78K and 18K Lincoln log models and 49K V log model used for high-pressure drop applications on control valves.

Under the Consolidated safety relief valve brand, the 1900 model enjoys strong demand in the oil and gas sector, the 1700 and 2700 models have specific boiler applications in the power sector and the 3900 pilot-operated valves are used in high backpressure and pressure drop applications in all sectors.

“Around 60 per cent of our business comes from the oil and gas sector. We supply all our models in the Masoneilan and Consolidated brands as per the requirements and applications of each sector,” says Darvico general manager D R Pai. A few of the models that Darvico supplies come as complete readymade units from Dresser factories. Included among them are Masoneilan’s 84K, 78K and 18K models which the local company dismantles for inspections to ensure they meet project requirements.

Also imported from Dresser are Consolidated 1700 and 2700 models. They arrive as fully assembled and pre-tested as these valves need to be tested in steam which cannot be done in Jubail.

Significant developments in 2011 included an upgrade of the quality management system to ISO/TS 29001:2010. The Yanbu service unit for the first time received a valve repair (VR) certification while the company’s Jubail plant had its VR certification renewed during the year. The company also has a certification from ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

Equipment for coating preparations and subsequent checking of painting on valves was added to the quality department. All new employees were given GTC training. The company continued to win new customers which it attributed to its customer-centric approach, high product quality and deliveries achieved in line with customers’ expectations. The sales staff underwent special training in products and sales strategy.

The company attaches great importance to providing clients onsite services and is ready round-the-clock to go to their doorstep if necessary. Calibration of valve positioners and diagnostics of valves are carried out in the customer’s premises. Ibn Sina, the Sabic affiliate, recently honoured Darvico with the best external workshop award.

Darvico also received best performance awards for work done within the prescribed time from Sabic Terminal Services Company (SabTank) and Al Bayrouni, both of which are Sabic affiliates.

Darvico has over the years provided onsite services during shutdowns to major companies including Ar Razi, Tasnee, Al Bayrouni, Sipchem, Ibn Zahr and Sahara Petrochemicals.