SAAD M Al Alyan (for Instrumentation & Calibration), a major supplier of high-quality instrumentation products and calibration equipment in Saudi Arabia, has announced its new strategy that combines supplying high quality instrumentation with their added value calibration and testing services.

“Since 1979, we have been dealing in a wide range of process instrumentation products,” says Saad Al Alyan, owner and general manager of the establishment.

“Therefore, customers entrusted us with our reliable supplies of instrumentation for pressure, temperature, flow and level, and calibration accessories for decades. Now, as we have grown in knowledge and experience, we are happy we can offer more,” he says.

“We can offer our technical expertise to our valued customers in terms or professional calibration services to test and calibrate instrumentation equipment,” he adds.

Serving the industrial field for over 30 years, the company’s local market expertise in the sales and marketing has enabled it to offer users optimum solutions whether in supplies or operations and after sales services. The firm represents some of the world-renowned companies having top-of-the-line, high quality products.

“Besides supplying the high quality products, through the years, we have learned from the lead manufacturers the secrets of instrumentation and servicing this delicate equipment. That’s why we excel at our service division because we have learned directly from the best,” he says.

“Our new strategy is to become the leading supplier of high quality industrial instrumentation products (pressure and temperature in addition to safety relief valves) and calibration equipment and take care of these materials throughout its operational life. We will differentiate ourselves from competitors by high commitment to our top quality products before and after sales. We have contributed to the success of our customers by supplying them excellent instrumentation solutions and now by offering superior services,” he says.